IBAG Scandinavia is a Swedish specialist supplier of high-speed spindles and process monitoring systems. As the Scandinavian agent for IBAG and Argotech, we can supply you the process monitoring system or high-speed spindle system to suit your business needs.

Use of high speed spindles has quickly become an industry choice for staying ahead of competitors, utilising the benefits of shorter lead times and higher accuracy in the whole industry from aircraft, automotive, production manufacturing, to tooling companies that support them.

The Argotech monitoring system fully monitors your machining process, detecting tool wear, breakage, faulty parts, machine faults, etc. the system can be used for all types of machine processes turning, milling, stamping, forming, moulding etc.

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Our complete range of high-speed cartridge spindles ranges from 25 – 350mm in diameter, 10,000 – 180,000rpm, 100watts – 350Kw. Supplying spindles for all applications, Micro machining - Engraving - Drilling - Milling - Grinding - etc.

We offer the complete service/solution - drives - lubrication - cooling system - service - support - etc. 
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We offer a complete retrofit service from straightforward cartridge replacement, to redesign and or complete upgrading of your existing machine tool into a true high-speed production machine.

» Higher spindle speeds     
» More power for today’s high-speed cutting tool technologies

Upgrade you existing machine at a fraction of the price of replacement

The Plug & Go spindle instantly converts your existing machine tool to high speed, offering up to 60,000rpm, 23KW and continuously rated, these are not speed increasers with 50% duty cycles but a true high frequency motor spindle offering continuous running even at maximum rpm. The HFK 95 spindle has been especially designed for use with automatic toolchangers.

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The complete breakdown service with a team of specialist trained service engineers - from diagnosing spindle problems, removal of the spindle, through to repair and reinstallation.

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The Monitoring systems are used to monitor your machining processes immediately alerting you to any problems, reducing the manufacture of scrap or damaged parts, minimising downtime and increasing your production uptime.

These systems can be used for almost any repeatable operation,
covering all industries Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Production, Plastics, Forming, Stamping etc


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